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6 Tips to Stay Productive at Work

by ChamberECT

Staying productive at work isn’t always easy. With distractions, deadlines, and more competition for your attention than ever, it’s vital that you stay focused on your business at hand. Consider the following six tips to stay productive at work:

Get off the internet

The internet is an incredible productivity tool – as well as one of the biggest attention drains possible. Email, social media, news updates, and much more constantly vie for your attention. Take time to unplug and focus on your task at hand. Once free from distractions, you’ll be surprised how quickly you make headway against your work.

Make a list

Writing down your immediate tasks helps get a visual on where you stand in terms of your workload. The act of organizing a work list in turn organizes your thoughts, putting you in a better position to approach your work in a methodical manner. A more manageable, efficient workflow helps you approach your task in a more productive manner.

Listen to music

Are there too many distractions around you? Are non-work thoughts intruding in your work process? Listen to music. Studies show that listening to semi-lively music, without lyrics, helps your brain focus. Pleasant music works best for stimulating creativity, and a good beat helps energize your brain.

Take a break

If you’re unable to stay focused at work – walk away from it. Even if you’re knee-deep in the thick of deadlines, with projects piling up around you, taking a mental break does wonders for your productivity. If the weather allows, step outside for a moment and breathe fresh air. If you have to stay inside, taking even a two-minute breather can help calm your nerves and allow you to regroup your mind.

Don’t get bogged down

Stress is a leading factor when it comes to unproductivity in the workplace. If you have so much to do that you can’t focus on doing it, it might be time to reconsider the pressure you’re putting on yourself. You might not be able to control the amount of work you have, but for your own sanity, you can break the work up into sub-tasks. Doing so keeps you focused on the work at hand without being too overwhelming.

Maintain your health

We all know the downward spiral of stress: if you’re stressed about work, you’re likely to not eat and sleep well, leading to decreased productivity at work. Your body needs rest and adequate nutrition to power through your busy workday. A good diet and plenty of sleep will do wonders towards giving you the energy you need to work hard and make sound business decisions throughout the day.