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Limited Time Offer:

Receive a free eNews ad when you purchase a 1 month web ad! Hurry, book by February 28th to take advantage of this offer! To reserve your web ads call the Chamber at 860-701-9113 or email us at!

Cannot be combined with any other offers. eNews ad will only appearĀ once in eNews during the month of your web ad.

Print Newsletter Advertising:

Our publication called the VOICE is a monthly newsletter that is sent out after the first Thursday of each month. As one of the many benefits we offer to our Chamber members we welcome submission of advertisements to be included into our monthly mailing. Mailings fill up quickly, so please reserve your spot in advance.

These mailings are sent to 1800 of our members throughout the region, the state, and in some cases out of state. The VOICE reaches decision makers of our member businesses and organizations.

Our members have seen excellent results from this form of marketing. Bookings are often scheduled months in advance so do not delay: first-reserved = first-served.

If you have reserved a spot and find you will not be able to follow through with delivery, please call and notify the Chamber.

Please contact the Chamber to reserve your ad space. (860) 701-9113.


  • $750 – Full (8×10.5″)
  • $400 – Half (8×5.125″)
  • $250 – Quarter (3.875×5.125″)
  • $100 – Business Card (3.875×2.45″)

CMYK Color | 300 DPI
Perfered Formats: .JPG, .PDF, .EPS (CS4 or older).

Add $25 if you have chamber design your advertisement.

All advertisements must be E-mailed to by 1:00 p.m. the Monday before the mailing. Call the Chamber for specific deadlines.

Email Newsletter eNews Advertising

The Chamber’s eNews is a weekly newsletter that is sent to thousands via E-mail. The specs for the eNews ads are below:

  • Cost to Members: $40 (add $25 fee if we design your ad) (Must be paid before ad runs)
  • Ad size: 626 x 222px
  • Format: .jpg .gif .png (or text < 150 words + logo)
  • File Size: <200kb (if larger we reduce file size)
  • *Optional: you may provide URL to link ad to webpage
  • Due by 2:00 PM on the Thursday before publish date
  • Reserve your spot, to ensure your ad runs (first come, first served)

Please contact the Chamber to reserve your ad space. (860) 701-9113.

Website Advertising: Design Specifications

The Chamber offers multiple forms of banner advertising on our website. Small and large square ads will appear under our Regional Benefactors and will display on every page of our website to every visitor. Event ads display on every Chamber events page, perfect for those seeking to promote an event. Reach our most engaged users with an ad in our News section which displays on every news article on our website. Help visitors find your business with a Directory Ad, which display on the main search page of our business directory. Our event, news and directory ads will also display to all members inside our member portal, increasing impressions and click-throughs.

  • Ads may be purchased in monthly increments.
  • Ads may link to the company’s website.
  • Images may be JPEG, PNG or GIF.
  • Image File Size must be under 200kb.
  • For members without design capabilities, the Chamber is pleased to assist you. There is a $25 Design fee to create your ad.


  • 125 x 125 px – $75 per month
  • 250 x 250 px – $235 per month
  • 480 x 60 px Events Ad – $65 per month
  • 480 x 60 px News Ad – $45 per month
  • 480 x 60 px Directory Ad – $35 per month

Rates are monthly and subject to change.

Please contact the Chamber to reserve your ad space. (860) 701-9113.

Terms and Conditions

  • Ads are subject to approval by the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut.
  • The Chamber assumes no responsibility for typographical errors in advertisements.
  • Advertising on is limited to Chamber members only.
  • Advertisements must be delivered at least seven business days prior to the start of the campaign.