Buy Local. Shop Chamber.

Strengthen Our Community. Buy Local. Shop Chamber Members.

Campaign Objective:
The Chamber’s Buy Local. Shop Chamber. campaign goal is to raise community awareness about the importance and benefits of buying goods and services from merchants located in the region. Connecticut currently ranks first in per capita disposable income, meaning that the Connecticut consumer has the capacity to spend more than the average U.S. shopper. Buy Local. Shop Chamber. is aimed at keeping those dollars in eastern Connecticut, a daunting task in today’s internet age. As internet purchasing continues to increase, there is a risk of a corresponding decrease in the viability of business community and beyond.

Benefits of Being a Campaign Participant:
Participating in Buy Local. Shop Chamber. is an excellent way of promoting your business while reinforcing the civic responsibilities of community members. Participating Chamber Members have access to a variety of campaign materials including: decals, stickers, posters, and the authorization to use the Buy Local. logo in promotional materials, such as advertisements and newsletters. Participating members will also have the ability to participate in future co-op advertising opportunities.

Buy Local. Shop Chamber campaign launch. April 22, 2008

A variety of materials are available for members to help promote the Buy Local. Shop Chamber. campaign. Items currently available for member usage include:

Poster 1
Poster 2

Electronic logo file: The Buy Local logo is available in a variety of file types. If you would like to start to use the Buy Local logo on your publications, please call the Chamber at 860-701-9113to request a copy.

Door decals: (will not be available until the beginning of May): Participating in the campaign and want everyone to know it? Place a Buy Local. Shop Chamber. door decal on the entrance to your business.

Stickers: In May, a small sheet of stickers will be mailed to random Chamber member businesses. Unfortunately, the Chamber does not have the funds to be able to provide a constant flow of stickers for member usage; however, the Chamber can refer members interested in obtaining more stickers to any one of our member printers and provide them with the file for printing.

Buy Local. Shop Chamber. Online Tool-Kit(members only): Want to be a participant in the campaign, but don't know where to start? Log into the Members Only portion of and download the Buy Local. Shop Chamber. Online Tool-Kit, a resource created to help members embrace the Buy Local campaign, while giving useful knowledge to use in the promotion, marketing and branding of their business.

Forgot your username and password for the Members Only login? Call the Chamber. Our staff would be glad to help.

Members actively participating in the campaign will be advertised here. Visit often to see who has taken up the cause.

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