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Meet Aussie Pet Mobile Eastern CT


In this ‘Chamber Spotlight’ blog series, we take a look at the businesses that make eastern CT a great place to live, work, and play. Get to know Aussie Pet Mobile Eastern CT and its owner, Mary Bylone, in the interview below and learn about their convenient, affordable, and reliable mobile pet grooming services for cat and dog owners.

Aussie Pet Mobile Eastern CT
Phone number:  (860) 531-9624
Hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

What led you to start Aussie Pet Mobile Eastern CT?

I have loved working with animals all my life.  I had recently left a stressful executive position and decided I would look for something involving animals. After considering several alternatives, the Aussie Pet Mobile company aligned perfectly with my goals.

What aspect of your business are you passionate about? Can you provide any specific examples?

Most people love their pets like family.  I love talking with them and learning about their goals for their pets. So many people share such wonderful stories with me about how their pet has changed their life, or filled a whole in their heart, and become their beloved companion.

What is your best or most popular treatment/service?

Our 15 Step Spa Treatment is our most popular service because it gives the pet the individual attention it deserves, includes a massage, and gets their pet looking and smelling great! I believe pets know when they look their best and are happy about it too.

Have you introduced any new services recently? What are they?

We now offer a deep moisturizing service that helps many dogs who have dry skin. The process allows the moisturizer to penetrate deep in the skin.

How would your (human) clients describe your business?

We have received many reviews and they are all five stars so far.  Clients are impressed with our mobile vans which are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and are disinfected and cleaned between each groom.

Why should new clients come to Aussie Pet Mobile Eastern CT?

We come to YOU! We do not use crates or cages. We only work with one pet at a time, giving individual attention, without distraction. We do not overbook the groomers, providing them with ample time to groom without rushing off to the next appointment.

Why do people return to your business?

We deliver on our promise to make the pet the focus of our attention. We are totally transparent about pricing and welcome our clients to come into the van and be with their pet while we perform the grooming services. And most importantly, when we bring their pet back into their home following the groom, they don’t run and hide under the couch because they want more loving time from the groomer.

Is there something unique or unusual about Aussie Pet Mobile Eastern CT that, when people first hear about it, they tend to say “Wow – I didn’t know that!”

I am told all the time that no one has ever asked the questions that I do when booking the appointments. I want to gather as much information as possible so the groomer will have a head start on building trust with the pet right from the first meeting. We believe trust between the groomer and the pet is the essential ingredient for a successful groom.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about Aussie Pet Mobile Eastern CT?

We are not a salon on wheels. We offer a premium one-on-one service to our clients and their pets.

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