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Meet Green Home Solutions

by ChamberECT

In this ‘Chamber Spotlight’ blog series, we introduce you to some of the businesses and organizations that make up eastern CT’s business community. This week, we shine the spotlight on Green Home Solutions, who offers products and services that protect families and pets from air quality threats, feel better, and enjoy life. They find natural and safe solutions to life’s issues. Learn more at

Green Home Solutions
175 Tower Ave Groton CT
(860) 235-5371
Open 24 hours with emergency services

Tell us a little about Green Home Solutions.
We are an all-natural treat-in-place mold cleaning company.  We offer an alternative to traditional expensive mold remediation.

Why did you (or the founder) start this business? If it was to fill a gap or address a challenge, tell us a little bit about it.
Green Home was created to fill a gap between traditional mold remediation and affordable options for homeowners to no longer have to spend a fortune in mold remediation. Before us, there were no other options, you just ripped everything out and start over.  The science behind our product was created by doctors and scientists to use enzymes (non chemicals) to remove mold and other allergens from homes where people are sick.  This company started out to just help people feel better.  Health and wellness are at our core.

What aspect of Green Home Solutions are you passionate about?
The most rewarding cases are when we have clients who have been sick for a very long period of time and have gone through countless medications.  They usually find out about us as a last resort because we are so new and much smaller than the larger remediation franchises.   When you give someone their health back and they are so thankful and appreciative, it goes a long way with us.  Also rewarding is in real estate transactions when we can save deals because our training and our science can offer a much less costly approach to fix a mold problem.   In a real estate transaction we make the realtors happy as well as the buyers and sellers.

What is your best or most popular service?
Enzyme treatment for mold it is safe, extremely effective, and very low-cost compared to traditional mold remediation.

Are any new products in development?
Our scientists are always developing new products. We have several being vetted right now.

How would your clients describe their experiences with Green Home Solutions?
Professional extremely effective affordable and easy to work with.

Is there something unique or unusual about Green Home Solutions that, when people first hear about it, they tend to say “Wow – I didn’t know that!”
Enzyme science!!

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your business?
Owner Dustin Maurice has been in the indoor air quality field for over 10 years as an Industrial Hygienist. He is an ACAC certified indoor environmental consultant. He attends continual education to stay on top of advancements made in the industry, and he has a degree in Environmental Sciences from Unity College in Maine. Green Home Solutions is a member of many associations in the community.