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The Best Benefits of Coworking Spaces


Have you or your business made use of coworking spaces?

Coworking is a relatively new style of work that involves individuals ‘renting’ shared workplaces, often in an office or office-like space. Unlike typical offices, coworking spaces are used by individuals not usually employed by the same company. The ability to rent these spaces is attractive to independent contractors, work-at-home professionals, frequent travelers, and anybody who could use the resources of an office space.

Eastern Connecticut is fortunate to be home to a number coworking spaces, all conveniently located and with affordable options. In their own words, see how their operators describe the benefits of using their respective coworking spaces:

CURE Innovations LLC
93 Shennecossett Road, Groton

Operating Director Kimberly Kelly says:

  • Hassle-free, full-service 24/7 available spaces within a supportive community whose mission is to help you succeed.
  • Collaborate with like minded individuals.
  • Access to programming and mentors to build your business.
  • The Commons is an attractive and professional space to meet clients and investors.
  • The flexible design and layout of the Commons is conducive for 1×1 meetings to 100 person events.
  • A variety of workspaces ranging from co-working, private offices, private laboratories, lab benches to suit the needs of all types.
  • Offer flexible memberships and day passes for locals and visitors alike.

Shared Quarters
22 Bayview Avenue, Suite 62, Stonington, inside the Velvet Mill

Co-founder Sam Chesebrough says:

“I think for many people there is something key about having a dedicated space where they can be free of the distractions of working from home. I have young kids and our house is frequently too noisy or messy to get work done. It makes a huge difference in my productivity to have a place I can go head down and work.”

“I also like the social element of coworking. I’m friendly with all our members and a number of other people that work around the Velvet Mill. It nice to be out in the community.”

“We’ve also had a number of members who use our location as a mailing address for their businesses, which can be vital for their success.”

“Other benefits include access to logistical items (e.g. printers, scanners, and Wi-Fi), plus a quiet place to work.”

Spark Makerspace Coworking Office
225 State Street, New London

Co-Founder and Vice Chair George Ryan says:

  • The use of a quiet, professional office space for working remotely.
  • High speed internet, professional grade copier/scanner/printer, and desktop computers are also available.
  • Networking opportunities abound as our space is used by a variety of entrepreneurs, business owners, remote office workers, and creative types of all persuasions.
  • Membership to Spark Makerspace costs $55/month and includes full access to and use of the coworking office as well as use of our woodworking, fiber arts, electronics, art studio, stained glass studio and more.

Co-working offers many benefits especially to small business owners and staff. Matthew Lipman, Creative Director of Bump Set Creative, has made use of coworking spaces in his professional work. As he puts it,

“Running a web design and graphic design business requires a solid computer, desk space, and the occasional place to meet with clients. While most of the time I could work from anywhere, coworking spaces provide a great setting to host meetings with clients. Also, by providing a B2B (business to business) service, I can connect with other startup businesses who like to exchange referrals or may be directly interested in my services.”

If you haven’t yet, make use of a coworking space today! Visit the online business directory at to find one perfect for your business.